Google My Business Services

Share your Business location on the map

With Google my Business Services, share your business information such as a description of your work, direction to your location, business days, contact information etc. for the ease of your customers as well as clients.

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Local marketing made simple

Top in
local search

Confirm online information is accurate

Monitor and respond to customer reviews

Work for more reviews

GMB Management Service helps in

  • Presence  of your business on Google
  • Local citations
  • Boost in service requirement calls  and competitive environment
  • Business’s local rankings.

Get your own GMB expert with WEBAPPLAY who works on your listing and build relevance in local search.

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Create a Name in local search

Make your name when people search locally for services you own.

  • Keep-an-eye on keyword ranking locally.
  • Monitor rankings on SERP page.
  • Make a set of keywords to see improvements.

Increase locations and get a report on them

Practises & boost on local citations and local search.

We will help in identification of competitive listing and business listing on specific industry sites, if require.

  • Google my business listing created by us.
  • Improve existing listings, and deletion of redundant listing.

Submission to data mining systems.

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What Reputation Management

Review Management

Manage all your reviews in one place.

  • Get notifiedon new reviews.
  • Give response with single click to FB and Google. 

Increase online reputation by improving common issues within Google reviews.

Increase your audience

Increase views with feedback campaigns.

  • Have a look on sites which need boost.
  • Update contacts to get reviews.
  • Customized templates which suit your business.
  • Separate links to create reviews via SMS, on printed receipts, in-store, and more.

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